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Al Hana is a leading Saudi company in dairy business. It was established in 1983 and developed its products to reach over 40 various high quality products competing the international standard. Al Hana is a modern integrated farm situated in Al-Qassim region 250 km north of Riyadh employing employees of different categories i.e. Veterinarians, Engineers, Nutritionists, Food Technologist, Quality Controller, Lab Technicians, Skilled Sales & Marketing staff beside Labors.

The Head Office is located at Olaya Akaria Center in Riyadh which manages the company and provides a high rate of logistic support to the following site divisions reaching with its performance to the most optimum level:


The panoramic view of huge green carpet formed by the two crops of Alfalfa and Rhodes, spreading over 500 hectares of plain sandy land at the backdrop of a spread of black and white cattle is enjoyable. Presently the pivots of Alfalfa crop and the pivots of Rhodes grass constitute the active production area, that support the cattle with good quality roughage in abundance, with less cost in order to augment efficient milk production. The production average is 1.6 tons of alfalfa per hectare and cutting on a dry matter basis, with respect to Rhodes its 4 tons of hay per hectare and cut.

Farm Yard manure is used abundantly which is supplemented by chemical fertilizers and micro nutrients. Deep wells of 350 meters depth installed with caterpillar engines form the source of water for irrigation. All machineries, equipments, and expert manpower are available for the water management including digging new wells. Machineries for land preparation, sawing, fertilizing, and harvesting is also available. We have a very well equipped workshop in the premises, which caters the needs of crop sections along with others. The Agricultural staffs are skilled and their efforts go regularly in to fodder production to satisfy the roughage needs of  all cattle.


From its inception in 1983 the herd division maintained only Holstein-Friesian cows for its milk production program. The foundation stock came from Germany, which was bred continuously with top bulls of the world mainly from USA to improve the genetic capability for milk production.

In addition the poor cows are continually replaced with farm born heifers in high percentage to lift the average of genetic ability. Presently our Herd consists of  cows, Heifers and  Bull calves. Al Hana has a clean Herd not having any record of any communicable disease till date. The animals are vaccinated regularly against Foot and Mouth Disease, Rinderpest and Brucillosis and the cattle status are always under close surveillance.

The cows are comfortably housed in with sufficient shade and continuous water supply. Heifers and young stock are likewise housed in open pens but of smaller area. Artificial cooling system, ‘Korrel Koolers’ is installed in pens housing early calves and high yielding cows.
Feeding of cows is primarily of TMR (Total Mixed Ration) with basic component of Alfalfa Green, purchased dairy pellets, and various seeds & grains to balance it to the requirements of various production and lactation category of cows and supplemented with Vitamins and minerals. Almost 90% of the roughage given is farm grown-Alfalfa green, Alfalfa hay and Rhodes hay.
Milking is done in a Herringbone Alfa Laval parlor 3 times a day . Breeding is done 100% by artificial insemination. Synchronization of heat is practiced in certain seasons only.
A veterinarian Herd Manager who is assisted by a veterinarian, nutritionist, breeding technicians,  supervisors, and  workers heads the Herd division. Personnel are of different nationalities, Practicing their daily work at the highest level.


The factory consists of a modern filling & processing equipments purchased from USA and Europe:-
- Alfa Laval processing equipments.
- Fogg Bottle filler / 70 BPM
- Fogg Bottle filler / 120 BPM
- Hamba & Trepco cup filling machines.
- BWI Fords Homatic cup filling machines.
- Labeling Machine.
- Sleeve Machine.
- Ink Jet printers.
- UHT plant .
- Manual line for White Cheese and Labneh. 

The factory is supported with the facilities to provide enough electricity, treated water, steam, air, cooling and CIP. Experienced engineers and skilled technicians maintain the plant and its equipments daily to ensure a smooth running operation. The milk is directly received from the milking parlor, where automatically cooled & stored in stainless steel tanks with the capacity of 30 tons, then pasteurized and homogenized. This milk either processed into a variety of products or filled directly in different size bottles for consumers.
Fresh milk, Laban, Yoghurt processed on daily basis, other products i.e., White cheeses, Labneh, Cream, Butter, Ghee and Mahalabia scheduled on production according to market demands.

The factory lines are also used to produce juices, drinks in bottle and cups for both market and catering. Our Juices, Laban, Labneh, and Halloum cheese are considered premium quality in the market.

UHT products of plain & flavored milk already produced and marketed successfully, and the UHT Juice will follow soon.

Al Hana products are well backed up by the Quality Control Laboratory with a qualified technicians who carries the testing procedures from point one at the raw materials store, through processing till final products, to ensure that quality goes in before the name goes on.


Over 5000 Sq. Meters of storage facilities are available to cover the needs of Agricultural, Herd, and industrial divisions. our raw materials stores are computerized up to international level.
The stores are of three categories,
   - Dry stores to cover spare parts, packaging materials, and feeds…. Etc,.
   - Chilled stores for ingredients and final products.
   - Deep freeze stores for juices and other products.
Materials are stored vertically and horizontally through the use of electrical forklifts. Highly qualified staffs are running our stores efficiently.


Supported by a fleet of refrigerated vehicles and sales and marketing staff managed and directed by a highly qualified managers and supervisors to ensure that our products reach the consumer table at its optimum.                                            

Its true that the objective of our sales personnel is to reach the highest viable sales target, but it is also true that their ultimate objective is customer’s satisfaction. For this Al Hana products are recognized for its quality and platability. Branches of Al Hana cover Qassim area, Sudair, Riyadh, Jeddah, Madina, and Hail. More power to come through a new aggressive marketing and sales plan that will take effects soon.



Even with a tough market place where the big whales want to have it all, Al Hana will stand tall as a solid figure in the market. The factory expansion will be achieved along with new marketing plan and profitable operation shall be enough to attain this goal.
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